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johhny are u….. jealous??!!?!

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// wait do we need those fancy // thingies ok so uh ya funny story im jhonnymarr and like nobody is posting for a while or something like that so im gonna run/ruin this blog like a little bit ignore the fact my art isnt good and serious like the others

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We usually switch! But Mozza lets me be the Big Spoon most times

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"Of course! Tho he’s still not used to that kind of affection”

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im deleting this shitty blog
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mun’s mozzer’s (aka tumblr user morrisseyshark) blog was terminated. We sent a message to staff ,but we are not sure if we’ll get it back. His new blog is here.

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This question is really …uncomfortable

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Why do you guys take so long to post something? That's disgusting.

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